Disease Management Service

Tailored Diet Plans for Your Health Goals and Needs


Diabetes Management

Take control of your diabetes with our tailored diet plans that prioritize blood sugar control and overall well-being. Our meal plans focus on balancing carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein to help you maintain stable blood glucose levels.



Manage your blood pressure and promote heart health with our customized diet plans for hypertension. We emphasize reducing sodium intake, incorporating heart-healthy foods, and managing overall cardiovascular health.


Chronic and Acute Kidney Disease

Support your kidney health with our specialized diet plans tailored to chronic and acute kidney diseases. We help manage your nutritional needs while considering dietary restrictions to promote kidney function and overall well-being.


Gastro and Liver Disease

Manage gastro and liver diseases effectively with our specialized diet plans. We emphasize gentle digestion, liver support, and nutrient-rich foods to promote gut health and optimize liver function.


Post-Operative Diet

Promote healing and recovery after surgery with our carefully crafted post-operative diet plans. We focus on providing the necessary nutrients to support the healing process and aid in a smooth recovery.

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